BUP2 Officially Released!

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Burnt Umber Penumbra’s second album BUP2 is now available on ALL STREAMING PLATFORMS.

“BUP2 features more natural percussive emulations, a few guitars, and if you listen carefully, a couple of recurring thematic melodies born from walking endless miles on the streets of NYC.
BUP2 is the second in a series of quarterly albums I’ll be releasing this year – born from COVID isolation, extra time on hand, and an instrumental marriage of beats, synths, sequencers, guitar and samples.This album has 2 recurring melodic themes, & one is inspired by Brian Eno & Laraaji’s Days of Radiance, weaving complex loops of sampled hammer dulcimer with sultry beats and synth lines.The album evolves from this theme into a more aggressive indie synth-rock trio at the end, with blistering cut-off & res-laden synth lines and dirty electronic drums pushed to the limits.Our goal is to let cinematic dream pop hold hands with punk-electronica and see where they go.”