I currently work at a school where I teach my favorite content: Computer science, graphic design, video production, art and music.
Here are some links to outcomes:

CS Unplugged: Teaching and Learning CS without Devices from CS4ALL on Vimeo.

Software Engineering Program: I teach computer science at a high school. We cover topics from block coding, html/css/js, processing, P5.js, Arduino, Lego EV3 robotics, Python, networks & data, 3-d CAD/design, 3-d printing, and app development.

A student learning the arduino embedded electronics platform
a student displays her arduino lilypad based heart monitor braclet
a student displays her arduino lilypad based heart monitor braclet

One of my student’s P5.js compositions, illustrating the relationship between variables and mathematical operations
My students get the opportunity to show their arduino-based digital garden project “Greenhub” to Aida Hadzialic, the Swedish Minister for Upper Secondary School Education.
Greenhub: an arduino-based garden project focused on how technology can address independent access to healthy food in East Harlem

Innovation Nation: an editorial news program written, shot, and produced by students learning Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro, and related audio/video equipment

A Media Taste of East Harlem: in concert with Univision Network, my Visionaries Media Lab students learn what it takes to turn consumer data into a story about people and how we discover & enjoy music